Parent/Caregiver Resources

This page will list information, websites and contact information to help caregivers locate available resources.  Please drop us a line (you may send a post with your questions or suggestions directly following the entries).  This is YOUR site!  Help us make it a valuable tool! Share your favorite resources as well!

Resources and Links        
[Support Groups]     [Organizations]     [Talented Friends and Their Wonderful Works]
[Current Medical Studies]    [The Experts]    [Home Schooling]    [Planning the Future]
[Book Publishers and Distributors]     [Informational Websites]     [Interesting articles]
[Helpful Products or Fun Stuff to Play With]       [Public Agencies and Resources]
[Camps, Activities and FUN!including Special Olympics]    [School Resources and Support]
[Therapy, Medical and Educational Resources]       [Schools]      [REAL LIVE HELP]

If you are residing in Texas and have an emergency need dial these numbers on your telephone:

911 – critical health emergency

211 – free and confidential community information and referral services (regarding food, clothing, counseling or tranportation) Come Read with  Me is on this list

To learn more about Autism Spectrum Disorders (including Asperger’s Syndrome) read this book-on-cd  This book is public domain so feel free to share it with family members, teachers, neighbors.  It explains some of the more puzzling behaviors sometimes seen by individuals having autism. Written for children, it is found to be helpful for adults as well (teachers, coaches, etc.).

College Resources for Students with Disabilities:

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